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GENIUS-TF: A Test Facility for the GENIUS-Project


The first SIX naked high-purity Germanium detectors were installed successfully in liquid nitrogen in the GENIUS-Test-Facility in the GRAN SASSO Underground Laboratory on November 18, 2004. This is the first time ever that this novel technique aiming at extreme background reduction in search for rare decays is going to be tested underground. First operational parameters are presented.

NEW more successful team during installation of the detectors, on March 2005, GRAN SASSO, ITALY.
Left figure: From the right to the left: Irina Krivosheina, Sergei Karpov, Herbert Strecker. Hans V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus (second from the right, Spokesman of the Heidelberg-Moscow experiment and also speaker of this collaboration), together with his colleagues - Sergey Karpov (right), Herbert Strecker (on front from the left) and Theo Apfel.

The first contacted six naked detectors in the low-level holder in which they are put into the shielded liquid nitrogen container of GENIUS-TFII-III.

Cross section of the setup (GENIUS-TF-II-III).

GENIUS-TF is the only setup with naked Ge detectors worldwide running underground and over a longer time period. It has lead to important insight into the conditions of technical operation of naked Ge detectors in liquid nitrogen. The relatively large background from 222Ra diffusion is a problem unsolved up to now. The main problem realized, is, however, the increase of leakage current after long running of the detectors, caused by increasing surface impurity of the crystals. This led to serious restrictions of the high voltages applicable and finally to destruction of the detectors. The information GENIUS-TF delivered after almost three years of operation on the possibility of long-term operation of such experiments, may cast some doubts on the possibility of such experiments on larger scale in general.

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